January 26, 2022

About Us

Nufawsa believes that the establishment of an anti-racist / non-racial, non exploitative and democratic society depends on the unity of the working class directed at the eradication of oppression, exploitation and discrimination as well as the promotion, development and maintenance of an authentic working class leadership.

In workers uniting and developing themselves so that they control their own destiny and take their historic role as the vanguard at the struggle for liberation.

Nufawsa Union is in Affiliation with NACTU – National council of Trade Unions and in association with


It is within Trade Union, Employer and Council relationship that bargaining and negotiations take place.  However, a very slim chance exists for any bona fide, pro-active and proper negotiations and bargaining unless it is done within a formal structure.

Regional collective Executive committee consisting of Employer Trustees, Union trustees, representative of the Bargaining Council and a selected Chairman manage all affairs of the Union collectively.

Collective Agreement With due consideration to the Collective agreement of the Nufawsa Union the following ruling will apply to new members joining the Nufawsa Sick Benefit Society:

“If an employer is a FBUMA or CMAPA member and its employees are members of NUFAWSA, such employees must become members of the NUFAWSA Sick Benefit Society and the employer and employee must pay the prescribed contributions which, are applicable to the NUFAWSA Sick Benefit Society.”

“If an employer is a FBUMA or CMAPA member and its employees do not belong to any trade union, its employees may join the NUFAWSA Sick Benefit Society, which will be subject to the approval of the society failing which the employer and employees must pay prescribed additional Provident Fund contributions.”

“If an employer is a FBUMA or CMAPA member and its employees are members of trade unions other than NUFAWSA, such employees may not become members of the NUFAWSA Sick Benefit Society”

The Sick Benefit Society benefit and funds were managed by the Bargain Council up to end of 2005, where after the Nufawsa Union in collaboration with all its Stakeholders contracted the services of:

Eminent Wealth Consult (Pty) Ltd as Operational Administrators to the society.  The Health Information Technology

platform was subsequently contracted for its unique IT administration ability, which includes but is not limited to:

  •  The ability to seamlessly integrate existing member and fund data.
  • The ability to effectively bill, reconcile and manage weekly wages per pay point.

Johannesburg Office

Union Office and Eminent Wealth Consult Service office

1 De Villiers Street
3rd Floor

Tel :  (+27) 11-838-9703
Fax :  (+27) 11-838-8458

West Rand Office

Eminent Wealth Consult – Administrator of Nufawsa Sick Benefit Society

33 Mouton Street
Horison X 1

Tel :   (+27) 86-163-6840
Fax :  (+27) 86-577-1151